Ever get those nagging ideas that will just never go away? And no matter what you do, the idea never seems to come to fruition? You get started on the idea, life gets in the way, and then one day it comes back, and you repeat the process again….and again, nothing comes together.

That’s been my life when it comes to ideas. In 2000somehting, I purchased the domain glorylamp.com with the intention of building a place for pastors to have a social network with each other. It would consist only of pastors but as time went by and Facebook grew I knew it would be a waste of time. Then I decided I would use it for a personal blog, and my own life got in the way of the time to get it done. Plus who really wants to listen to me rant about whatever is going….I know I don’t.

And so GloryLamp.com stood waiting to be used….

Over the years, I’ve been frustrated with many people who misunderstand and misrepresent Christians. They would meet me, and be surprised that I was a Christian. And then ridicule Christians, but turn to me and say, “But not you, of course.” Over the years, I’ve watched Christians build up walls and help create the stereotypes that many of my “other” friends would use in conversation against Christians (“but I’m not talking about you, of course”).

My other passion in life has been politics and societal changes and movements, particularly in the US but also throughout the world. In the first decade of 2000, we saw a huge increase in vitriol from “the left” regarding President Bush. Then in 2008, President Obama won with a message of hope. The vitriol seemed to have subsided but was still there slowly building from both sides of the aisle. With a bad economy, President Obama won re-election in 2012 and suddenly the vitriol from the right increased dramatically…even to the same sickening depths that the left went when Bush won. What grieved me the most was that I watched “Christians” go down that very path, a path that should be above any and all true Christians, for our kingdom is not of this world…and yet….

And so GloryLamp.com again popped into my head. This was a perfect time to start up a site  that will discuss politics and society but with a fresh Biblical perspective. A place where a variety of ministers, priests, church leaders, missionaries and evangelists could share their thoughts on society, politics and current events. A blog of sorts, but more an online repository of teaching and Biblical principles.

And then life got in the way….and the domain sat dormant….again.

So in January 2014 I decided to just start blogging drafts of different articles. Maybe that would kick start those blogging juices. I’d find a voice. I’d find a purposes — because I don’t want to just listen to myself rant. After several months of drafting blog posts, I decided it was time.

And then life got in the way….and the domain sat dormant…again. Meanwhile, I paid for 3 more years of the domain…

A few months later, a few more blogs and finally a decision on a template (and being WordPress there were lots to choose from).

So here we are….Summer 2014.  Trying again….and nothing…..

Almost one year later after trying to get this thing kickstarted, it finally came together in November 2014.

Let’s see where this goes.